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Automation & Custom Software

Automation & Custom Software

Automation is ultimately the future of nearly all business processes. Your business is behind the curve if you are not actively refining your logistics and back-office processes to identify and automate the bottlenecks and labor-intensive processes.

What Can Be Automated?

Many aspects of your business can be automated. The first example of this is your customer touchpoints. How much time is needed for you or your staff to spend talking to or interacting with your customer to onboard them or close a sale?  You could streamline and shrink this time by redesigning specific touchpoints so that they are processed through a website or an email instead of a phone call or meeting. Once this has been established, you open yourself up to further automation opportunities, such as setting up software to send those emails automatically, log those contacts in a CRM, etc.

The second business process that can be automated is any digital functions your business may be using. Are you or your team members executing routine processes on your computer such as data entry, purchasing, organization/filing, billing, contract management, etc? These can all be automated with custom software solutions!

“Automation can greatly impact the efficiency of your business, saving time and money, as well as allowing you to focus on the areas of your business that you do best.”

Could Your Business Be Automated?

In many cases, business owners don’t realize they’re doing things in their businesses that can be replaced with automated solutions/software, which would ultimately save them both time and money. This is where automated solutions from MogulBound can be one of the sharpest tools in your arsenal of business strategies. My expertise lies in identifying redundancies that can be scripted with code to reduce overhead, risk, and increase profits.

Previous Experience in Automated Solutions

  • Worked with a company to build a rapid purchasing script to buy limited items that go on sale to increase profits from upsells on limited inventory.
  • Built a POS database that uploaded inventory information to an online store to show live inventory in real-time. This increased online sales and improved customer experience, while reducing employee labor hours and web development hours.
  • Automated creation and printing of shipping labels from e-commerce orders to reduce hours needed from employees.
  • Integrated two databases so that they would automatically feed information several times per day to one to another to remove data entry jobs and related tasks
  • Automated hundreds of website processing request and customer touch points.