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Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing

Social media is one of the most important tools for brand recognition and growth, as well as customer engagement. MogulBound has over 3 years of Instagram marketing experience, with over 4,000 customers served and over 50,000,000 total followers gained across all customers. We can help your brand soar to new heights a tailored Instagram marketing campaign. 

Social Media Marketing Changes

In the past, Instagram markers used both organic and automation-based strategies. However, the Instagram algorithm has recently changed drastically and those methods are as good as dead. The only way to massively grow an audience now is to:

  • Have a large following outside of Instagram
  • Use Facebook ads on Instagram

“As one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, you would be doing your brand a disservice by not marketing to the vast pool of customers and clients on Instagram.”

MogulBound Instagram Marketing

I’m offering 5,000 – 10,000 organic guaranteed real & engaged followers per month for $2,500. These followers are gained through Instagram Story Ads that advertise giveaways and other promo-based strategies. We typically see a 10% – 40% engagement ratio from followers gained with this strategy, which is 5x-10x times greater than the average Instagram account engagement percentage. In order to get started, we offer a  90-day trial agreement, followed by a 9-month service agreement.

  • Are the followers real?

    Yes! We guarantee them to be real because they have chosen to follow you after watching story ads we run for you.

  • How do you guarantee engagement?

    Followers are guaranteed to engage because your promos and giveaways will stipulate that contest entries include comments, likes, tagging/sharing with friends, and following your account.