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Project Details

  • Customer Name: Jack Woodcock
  • Category: Real Estate
  • Date: 07/22/2018
  • Status: Completed
  • Demo Link: www.lasvegasrealestate.com
  • Tags: Web Design, Web Development, Automation, SEO

Las Vegas Real Estate


Las Vegas Real Estate was one of our biggest customer challenge of 2018. We had been requested to implement more customization and automation in 1 website than had ever been asked previously, and we executed with exceptional strides!

Advanced Feature List:

  • Custom MLS Feed

    • Created a graphic interface from scratch and connected the API from the MLS directly to the website so we had full control over the features and information being displayed to the prospects (users).


  • Sponsor (advertisement pages) for “preferred partners”

    • This company is huge in Las Vegas, so every day they refer their business for title, insurance, movers, lenders, brokers, etc. So, we build a membership page for their “preferred partners” where the partner could sign up on the website for a monthly subscription that gave them access to fill out information about their business, upload images, custom links, etc. And the website did all the work publishing their page in several parts of the website. If their payment fails or they cancel, it automatically dissapears from the front end of the site. Automating a new revenue stream for LVRE!!!


  • User Experience

    • Because we built a custom interface for the MLS database, we were able to add fun features like a “Favorites” (heart icon) feature. Where users were forced to sign up for an account after trying to see 3 or more listings (lead generation strategy), then they could add listings to their favorites, request an appointment, hop on live chat, etc.

  • Lead Generation & Tracking

    • Because we had users forced to start an account we were able to track every single page they visited even before signing up on their user, and logs every single listing they visited in LVRE(the company) CRM system. Which means these realtors know exactly what their prospects price range, zip code preferences, size of home desires, and all kinds of other information before they ever speak. “This is the best lead I’ve ever seen in real estate” – Jeff Botsford, Jackwood Cocks right hand man.


  • User Friendly Admin Panel

    • Jack & Jeff required us to build a user-friendly panel to manage almost every aspect of this entire dynamic website themselves. They didn’t want to hire us every month to make changes, so they requested us to build more features for them. It’s 6 months after launch, we rarely ever get requests, and they are publishing new pages every week and managing existing ones all on their own with no coding knowledge.


  • SEO Results (ongoing marketing)

    • This screen shot is from 5 months into SEO, this website had never had any webstie before, and has never been on google. And in 5 months we hit page #1 on a key phrase that Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, RedFin, and other massive companies are already ranking for. This key phrase is worth 100,000,000 a year at #1 for this company –> Las Vegas Real Estate