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Project Details

  • Customer Name Claire Zeto
  • Category: Networking
  • Date: 9/15/17
  • Status: On-Going
  • Live Site: https://www.socialregister.com/
  • Tags: Web Design, Web Development, Automation, SEO

Social Register


Social Register is the largest networking organization in Las Vegas. They were operating on an old early 2000’s build that had no mobile responsive features, and no onramping or onboarding processes to aid the acquisition of new clients. They also only had about 7 pages and was all very basic text. And when you’re a networking organization with almost 3,000 members that are business owners you know you need to keep up with times! That’s why they partnered with me to re-vamp their online presence and capacity for acquisition.

Advanced Feature List:

  • Index Style Website (over 70 pages of information)

    • Managing this much information is always a challenge. Which is why we built a user friendly interface in the back end of the site so that the admin/managing partners at Social Register could add, edit, and alter the pages on their own without the help of us
    • Creating an easy way to find all this information was fun too! We built a custom bottom bar nav, and side bar navs on the mobile site

  • Acquisition Automation

    • Until we published their new site signing up new members was 100% manual. Educating the benefits, going over pricing, printing an agreement, and taking a check.
    • Now they only have to say “Go to the member page and press get started.” The site takes them through the benefit options, pricing options, user account creation, payment information + subscription, and gives them access to a user account panel where they can further process documents and files that the company needs to integrate them into the network.

  • External CRM Integration

    • Social Register uses a platform called “Membee” that has been managing their data for over 15 years. So, we contacted membee and got API access so we could integrate their whole feature list into the website and we were able to have users log into their account, see the calendar, register for events, post events, etc.


  • Corporate Sponsor Feater

    • Social Register sells what’s called a “corporate sponsor” position. It’s their highest membership level where companies get exclusivity in their industry within Social Register. Before us, they were never on the site because it was too much to manage. Now, one of their admin logs into the site, and adds their information by pressing “add new” and filling out what is asked of her, name, email, phone, description, images, etc, etc. With 1 click they can de-list the sponsors and add new ones as they get and lose these positions!


  • User Friendly Admin Panel

    • We created each page to have a drag and drop invironment so that the admin could take full control over editing and managing the long list of page content we had established for them!


  • SEO Results (ongoing marketing)

    • Within 8 months we had ranked Social Register #1 – #3 for “Networking Groups Las Vegas” “Las Vegas Networking Organization” “Las Vegas Networking”