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It’s important to have competitive strategies and systems in place in order to handle the back end of your business. There are nearly endless ways to save money through cost-cutting investments, such as automating various aspects of your business, and making more money by making more efficient decisions in your marketing plan. 

The MogulBound Consulting Perspective

MogulBound is here to provide education-through-consulting that you’ll need in order to put you and your team back in control of your business. My consulting strategy is based upon the principle of saving money by learning to avoid costly mistakes. I’ve learned to navigate common pitfalls, and can help you identify where your business is losing potential revenue. 

I can also teach and help you to earn more money in your business by investing in automation, eliminating wasteful spending or systems, or changing the systems that do work to increase profits and decrease cost and labor time. 

The Experiences That Shaped My Perspective

I bring a unique perspective to business analytics formed by background in the fields of sales, digital marketing, and web development. In my 5 years of experience as a digital marketer and web developer, I worked hard and delivered undeniable value to my clients. I usually endeavored to under-promise and over-deliver – sometimes to a fault! Nevertheless, my digital products and services ended up assisting in no small part to the growth of several six figure companies into mid-six and seven figure companies. 

As a sales professional, I spent 11 years learning what good salesmanship is, how to build winning acquisition strategies, and how to prospect and close the right deals with the right customers.

I believe that an educated client is a better client and I endeavor to use my unique blend of skills and experience to help you spend less time trying to learn how to do the things you may be uncomfortable with or be struggling with. My goal is to give you more tools, time, and knowledge so that you can spend more time doing what you’re best at as a business-owner.

“It is hard to avoid obstacles that you cannot see. Until you partner with an expert in the areas that you have identified need improvement, unexpected speedbumps can and will arise, costing you both time and money.”

Marketing and Content Consulting

Finally, through the experience that I gained as a digital marketer and online advertiser, I can facilitate the creation of high-quality content to fuel any marketing and advertising plan that I recommend to you through our consulting sessions. This includes the following types of content and production:

  • Video stages
  • Video recording equipment
  • Photo studio set-up
  • Lighting
  • Editing videos and images on computers
  • Live streaming


How can I be assured that you will add value to my business? Great question! We’ll 0nly work together after a pre-consultation call. This is a short, 30-minute call that has a simple purpose: to determine if we are a good fit for one another. On this call I will learn about the following from you:

  • Who you are and what you do!
  • What your business is
  • Assess some of your main business challenges
  • If I am certain that I can save your business money
  • If I am certain that I can earn your business money

As long as I am sure that I can confidently uphold those last two bullet points, we can discuss booking a full consulting session and what the associated costs will be.